Tips To Help You Keep Your ATV Around Much Longer. You love your ATV, right? It’s great for basic transport and for recreation as well. It’s your baby! That’s why you’re so careful with it and you barely every genuinely want to lend it out to your brother-in-law and you worry every minute that it’s gone. Talk about confessions. Don’t worry about it, we’ll show you how easy it is to keep your ATV up and running in great condition for years, even after 200 rides with your brother-in-law. If your ATV is new, give it some time to get used to running and operating. Let the oil and other fluids get some time to flow through the engine and work their magic.. Always remember to change and check the oil. Do the same thing that you would do for your new vehicle. Oil keeps your ATV running, so don’t neglect it.. Wash it down regularly. Yes, we know you often ride through dirt roads with it so it’s bound to get dirt and yes, we know that your schedule’s super busy. Still, if you don’t take the time to clean that dirt and mud off the ATV, it will actually start to affect the engine.. Make sure that you have a clean air filter. Your engine needs clean air in order to function properly.. Check on the CV belt transmission. Take care of the belt and don’t drive recklessly and it can last you for quite a while.. Ensure that you have good gas in your tank. Don’t let water or any other substance get into your fuel system.. Check out all the boots, nut and bolts. You should even grease up the pivot points and bearings that are in your suspension and frame.. Pay attention to your tire pressure. Your ATV’s tire pressure actually needs to have less tire pressure to travel through rough terrain, so take note of these details when you’re going to operate.. Before you start to use your ATV, check the coolant level and maintain your machine’s radiator system. If your coolant is discolored and there is a smell, it means that it’s running too hot for an extensive period of time.. You need to be aware of your ATV’s abilities and limitations. Don’t force it to go where it shouldn’t go and therefore, cause damage to the vehicle.. If you are looking for ATV repair services in Ottawa or motorbike and motorcycle repairs in Ottawa then give us a call to book your mobile ATV or Motorcycle repair today. We fix, repair, and tune-up ATVs, Motorbikes and Motorcycles as well as generators and snowmobiles. The best part is that we come to you so no more waiting in line or traveling back and forth to fix your ATV, snowmobile or motorcycle.