Nothing beats the regular servicing and care of any engine, including that of a mower. If you abandon machines for such a long time, they begin to show signs of wear and tear. If it is going last, you might as well draw out a maintenance plan so that parts don’t wear out. Such a program can ensure parts stay close or have a seven or ten-year life span.

Check out the few things that an extended engine life requires

Empty your fuel tank – Old fuel can cause severe damage to the carburetor of a mower that is left alone for a long time. Before winter, make sure you empty the fuel tank of your mower so you won’t have to buy a new carburetor in the summer.

Change air filters – Do not allow your air filter to be subjected to clog all because you don’t clean it regularly while running the engine. Gas burns very fast in engines releasing unadulterated air through filters. Without regular brushing, changing and cleaning, more gas will be lost quickly.

Initiate an oil change – You will find carbon sludge in your engine if you don’t follow manufacturer’s instructions. Some of them involve changing the oil of a mower after the first few hours of use. Do it again once every year at least to avoid metals and debris clogging the engine.

Blades, belts, and spark plugs are a gem – Even though they don’t get the frequent mention, keeping an eye on them when they start to default could be a considerable boost. Change them only when necessary.

Replace or scrap – Engines generally wear out after a past couple of years. When it seems you are spending more on repairs than you would if you had bought a new one – it might be time to replace it.

Proper nurture and care is the key for a mower to serve until it reaches its optimum life span. Do not jeopardize that with constant repairs. Scrape and replace the old mower.