Use your snowblower like a pro with these tips. So it has started snowing again in Ottawa and that means it is time to bring out your winter warrior to blow the snow off of your driveway. Before you start blowing your snow away, have one of our techs over for some snowblower maintenance to make sure your machine is in top shape. Then it is time to hit the driveway. Save time and energy with these tips and tricks that will have you using your snowblower like a professional! Think About The Wind When Using Your Snowblower Just think, you are blowing snow from your driveway so it will be most effective if the wind isn’t blowing the snow back onto your driveway. This is true but is there a good way to do it during periods with no wind too? Of course there is a trick to removing snow from your driveway in Ottawa, Orleans or Kanata that will have you back inside sipping hot chocolate in no time. What to do on windy days. Whenever it is possible you should be pointing the chute on your snowblower downwind so as to avoid having the wind blow the snow back onto your driveway. As you move around your driveway you can adjust your chute if needed to point away from the wind. Also the pattern and path you choose when removing the snow with your snowblower makes a big difference. It is best to move up and down the length of a driveway, not perpendicular in order to be efficient and effective. Furthermore, if there are strong crosswinds then it is best to start on the upwind side and then work downwind to maximize your efforts. What to do with little or no wind If there is little to no wind on the day you are removing the snow from your driveway then you should cut a path down the center of your driveway first and then work in circles so that you can keep the snowblower’s chute throwing to one side as you move around the driveway removing snow. This pattern will allow you to always throw the snow to the right from the chute and reduces the need to change the direction of the chute as you move aroudn the driveway. What Does The Best Path Look Like? The following diagrams illustrate the best routes to take with your snow removal to maximize your efforts of your snowblower and avoid having to do extra work.. Good luck clearing your driveway and if you have any issues with your snowblower and are in need of repair for your snowblower then give us a call and we’ll send one of our highly trained mobile small engine repair techs in Ottawa to see you right away.