We’ve seen it all and here are the most common car repairs. Cars are some complicated machines and a lot of things that can go wrong with them but car repair shops often see the same repairs over and over. Some proper maintenance can save you the future hassle. Here is a list on some of the most common repairs in this list and we’ve seen them all. Keep reading to see if your car suffers from any of these issues. Air Conditioning System – Unless you have experience with A/C systems a professional should do the job but A/C repairs are generally costly. Brake Work – The brakes are among some of the most common repairs that mechanics deal with. Throughout the life time of your vehicle you can expect to change your brakes a few times. It’s not too expensive but if it turns out it is disc, drum or rotor repair, you can expect a higher bill. Exhaust System – These repairs are pretty expensive as well and most people would need a professional to get it done. There are numerous muffler repair shops that specialize in this area. Oil Changes – Oil change is something you can actually do yourself but it should be done every few thousand miles to keep your car in top running condition. It lengthens the life of the engine. Transmission – Transmission repairs are usually expensive and complicated. The best thing is to leave such repairs to professionals but if you have some mechanical knowledge and the ability to do it yourself, you can save lots of money. Coolant System – Both the Radiator and cooling system flushes fall under this category. Depending on the extent of the damage these repairs can range from fairly inexpensive to quite expensive. Fuel System – If you regular drive your vehicle with less than ¼ tank your fuel pump can eventually become clogged. Fuel filters also need to be replaced on a regularly. Tires – Tire patches are probably even more common than complete replacements. There are a number of reason why a tire can leak or fail. Patch repairs are pretty cheap but if the tire needs replacing all together it will cost more. Electrical System – The most common electrical problems are blown fuses or lamp bulbs but can also include more serious issues. For those serious issues get a trained professional deal with it. Simple repairs such as brake light bulb repairs can usually be done yourself. Ignition System – This comprises of the battery, starter and ignition. Battery repairs or charges are relatively simple. If you need to change the battery there’s a wide range of prices to choose from. The starter having to be repaired or replaced is a much more expensive repair. Regardless of how well you maintain your vehicle, at some point repairs are inevitable. Hiring an MVS Ottawa mobile mechanic to do scheduled maintenance can minimize the cost and frequency of repairs for your car.