What Happens If You Get Stuck This Winter?. With the holidays fast approaching and the weather changing rapidly in Ottawa we all need to start preparing for any holiday shopping, family gatherings and the massive savings of boxing day. The one thing that we can’t prepare for are those emergency situations where your car won’t start, your battery needs a boost or you lock your keys in your car while holiday shopping. These are the less severe winter emergencies involving cars although nobody wants to be left out in the cold for any period of time unless it’s for a snowball fight or to build a snowman. What If My Battery Dies or I’m Locked Out of My Car? So what do you do if you happen to need a battery boost or lockout service to get back in your vehicle? Well the good news is that you likely won’t need a tow truck or a Christmas miracle because Mobile Vehicle Services in Ottawa can come to your location and boost your battery or unlock your doors and get you back on the road in no time. It may even be time to replace your battery and the worst time to find out would be when it dies in the middle of winter. Usually car batteries last 4 years on average, depending on driving conditions etc. and it is advised to have your battery swapped out if you are close to the 4 year mark. To make sure you stay on the road and your car starts without any issues in the winter months we can come and remove your battery and replace it with a brand new workhorse that is going to keep you moving without any problems. The cool part is that just like Santa Claus, Mobile Vehicle Services in Ottawa comes right to your door and offers mobile battery service for your car or truck so you can stay indoors where it’s nice and warm while we do all of the work onsite. Take Advantage Of All Of Our Mobile Vehicle and Small Engine Repair Services During our visit it may be a good opportunity to have a look at your wiper blades to make sure your window will be clean and your visibiilty will not be impeded during winter and also top up your fluids if you’re low. Lastly, to make sure you can get in and out of your driveway we’ll take a look at your snow blower for a tune up whlie were on-site as we offer a full range of small engine repair services. Gift Certificates for Mobile Vehicle Services Now Available Oh and stay off the naughty list and pick up one of our gift certificates for a family member or friend this holiday season – it will be a gift that surely puts a smile on their face and some savings in their pocket!