What You Should do before Storing Your Lawn Mower for Winter. Your lawn mower worked hard all season to keep your lawn presentable and well manicured for all of those family gatherings and summer events. Now it’s time for your lawn mower to hibernate for the cold winter months and wait patiently to be called back into action to tackle your tall grass next summer. Before you put away this work horse you should have the team at MVS give your lawn mower once last tune up and/or repair before heading into storage. The perfect time for lawn mower maintenance & repair in Ottawa This is the perfect time to get your lawn mower tuned up and repaired so that you can store your lawn equipment away for the winter with peace of mind knowing that your trusty grass gobbling machine is ready for you next summer. This is also a good time to see if there are any issues that require repair with your machine so that you can either A) have your lawn mower repaired and proper maintenance performed prior to the next season when you need it most or B) retire the lawn mower if needed and pick up a new one in the off season when lawn mowers are less expensive and deals are running. So give your lawn mower the appreciation that it much deserves and give us a call at 613-854-4154 and we’ll take care of your lawn mower maintenance and tuneup right away.