When You Lock Your Keys In Your Car This Magic Trick Will Help. It has happened to the best of us and it is a terrible feeling when you lock your keys in your car. This is especially true if you really have to go somewhere and you’re in a hurry. Of course if you left your window open a crack you may be able to try and reach your hand inside to attempt an unlock although in most cases this fails miserably – especially with new cars. Easily Get Your Keys You Locked Inside Your Car So what is the trick to unlocking your car door to get back in the driver’s seat so you can get to your destination? Well it’s simple, pull out your smart phone and give our Mobile Vehicle Service Techs a call to come to the rescue. Sorry, it may not seem so magical as you read this but trust us when we say that you will be extremely happy with yourself that you had added our mobile service number to your speed dial once we retrieve your car keys that you locked inside your car – especially if it is winter time in Ottawa! It is imperative that you call us as we are professionals at unlocking cars properly to avoid damage when you lock your keys inside your vehicle. This is to avoid ruining anything in your car or scraping the side of your door if you are flailing back and forth while trying to squeeze your arm through a little crack. Unlock Your Car Doors Without Your Keys Furthermore, we’re fast and we can be on the scene in no time to get your car keys out of your locked car. Don’t panic, it’s an easy fix and happens more often than you think. Almost every car owner in Ottawa has forgotten their keys in their car and locked the doors with them inside. Give us a call if you have locked your keys in your car and save our number in your phone to ensure that you have our number handy should you ever find yourself in a jam with your keys trapped inside your car. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, we’ve all done it and we’ve even seen some keys locked inside of a running car – luckily we arrived in time to unlock the car doors with plenty of gas left in the tank to get our customer to their destination. The number to call for gaining access to your keys inside of your locked car is 613-854-4154