Why is washing your car important in the winter months?. Winter is that time of year where driving a car can be less enjoyable than summer months because of slushy, muddy, cold conditions with snow and ice that find their way into your car as well as the salt from the road that ends up covering your car and eating away at your vehicle. There are many reasons why washing your car in the winter is extremely beneficial and can yield real financial rewards. Washing Your Car In Winter Helps Preserve Resale Value Preventative car care helps to protect your vehicle so that it lasts longer and also preserves the resale value which is a big bonus for down the road when it comes time to upgrade and sell your car. Most people are visual, especially when it comes to their cars and seeing rust spots are a huge eyesore that usually opens the flood gates for negotiating the price down and likely even walking away from the purchase to find another car. The used car market is very tough and competitive because there are millions of options out there so the more preserved and like-new you can keep your car the better – especially in the visual appearance on the outside. This is quite possibly the most important reason to wash your car in the winter to ensure that all of that salt and grime is taken off of your vehcle to prevent excessive corrosion. Couple this with rust protection and you are fully covered for the winter months to keep your car in tip top shape! Professional Car Washes Are Better For The Environment In addition to these benefits, it is also better for the environment because most professional car washes pipe their dirty water to treatment facilities or approved drainage facilities that can properly clean the water. In comparison, when you wash your car at home the soap and dirty water are released directly into the ground around your vehicle. This ultimately leads into the water table or nearby rivers and streams. Another thing you need to take into consideration is the water usage for professional car washes versus home car washing. A professional car wash uses approximately 32 gallons of water per car whereas a 45-minute car wash at home can use more than 300 gallons of water to accomplish the same result. So you are not really saving money by washing at home when you factor in your water bill and your time. Get Your Car Professionally Washed This Winter So check out local car washes, there are hundreds of them in Ottawa to go and get your car professionally washed this winter and do it often to get the most out of your driving experience in the winter, look good in your car and also keep your investment in your car as long as possible – especially if you plan to sell or trade in down the road. While we can’t help you wash your car, we can assist with all of your mobile car repairs and servicing in Ottawa to make sure that all aspects of your car care are covered.