The season that you spend the least amount of time thinking of your lawn Is winter. That is only if you live in an area that is comparatively warm all year long. Chances are you have already put away your lawn mower are ready for a couple months of leisure before you must start the lawn maintenance routine again.

There are a couple things that you can do during even the harshest of winters that can guarantee a beautiful yard once spring comes around again.

Prepare in the Fall

There is not much to be done to your lawn during the cold months of winter. If you prepare adequately during the fall, it will be satisfactory until spring arrives. Be sure to fertilize, aerate, and mow the lawn before the first freeze of the season. Rake up dead leaves to avoid wet spots that can become mossy or moldy. Keep your lawn clear of debris other items and remind the family to respect the yard while it is dormant.

When you have taken care of these needs during the fall you will be well prepared to enjoy a cozy winter indoors with your family before lawn care season comes around again in the spring.

Fertilizing in the Winter

During the late fall and early winter are usually the best times to fertilize cool season grasses.

Before the first freeze, thoroughly fertilize the grass to replenish all the nutrients that can be lost during the scorching summer months. When the weather turns chilly, the fertilizer will settle into the soil and nurture your lawn’s roots all season long.

Mowing Strategies

During the autumn months, you should have already been gradually lowering the cutting base of your lawn mower each time you mow the lawn. Gradually cutting your grass shorter will enable it to weather well without shocking it by trimming off all at once.

If your lawn is left too tall during the winter, it will attract field mice and other burrowing animals that need a warm place to sleep. Mice can damage large parts of your lawn by building their nests in the roots of the grass. They will create dead spots, by pulling up huge amounts of grass to build their homes.

Keep your grass as low as possible at the end of the fall season. Doing this will also protect any new sprouts that may be more fragile near the end of the growing season.

Keep it Clean

It is quite easy to abandon items on the lawn during long, cold winters, especially when no one goes outside often. Stray toys, logs, and even lawn furniture can be accidentally disregarded before the first snow comes.

If objects are left on the grass during cold weather it can create huge dead spots as a result of the weight of the object. When spring comes the grass in that area will be stunted and thinner than the rest of your yard.

Avoid Excessive Lawn Traffic

It can be quite easy for people to forget that grass should not be walked on when it is brown and short. Try to avoid foot traffic on your lawn during the winter. The grass is fairly resilient, but it will be difficult to recover after a path becomes well-worn across the lawn.

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