Winter tires must have a pictogram in Quebec. Attention all of our Gatineau drivers! As of December 15th 2014, all winter tires must have a pictogram for Quebec drivers. The new legislation is aimed at getting old tires off of the road and also ensuring that there is a certification to a tire’s winter readiness to ensure that all drivers are safe and prepared for winter conditions that we are all familiar with in Canada. While this new rule has been met with some contestation the premise behind it is sound and makes sense for safety reasons. In fact, according to the Transport Ministry, there has been a 15% drop in serious accidents between December 15th and March 15th of each year since the 2008 implemenation of the mandatory winter tires law. It’s a good time to check out your winter tires if you are a driver in Quebec to ensure that your tires have the emblem and meet the criteria so that you can avoid a hefty fine if found without them. If you have old winter tires (or new ones) that do not have the emblem and you are looking to offload them to recoup some of your money then you should definitely consider posting an ad for your Ontario neighbours who can use the witner tires for their cars as the laws are slightly different on this side of the border. We hope you have proper tires on your vehicle to keep you on the road and if you don’t we can switch them over for you once you purchase your new ones. We would also like to wish you a happy and safe holiday season of accident free driving!