Winterize Your Car before the Snow Hits Ottawa. Summer seems to be quickly wrapping up and that means that winter is fast approaching. Even though you may not be ready to pull out your winter coat just yet, adapting your car to colder weather before the change of season is important to ensure that you are prepared for driving in the snow. So, what’s involved in winterizing your car? To start with you’ll want to take advantage of the warmer weather that is still around and clean your car inside and out. This helps to preserve your vehicle and extend the life of your car by taking care of the components that make up your car. Additional benefits of course are that your car will smell better and look sharp. Be sure to include a car wax that coats the body panels before the first snowfall — specifically, before temperatures drop below 55F. This preventative measure will shield paint surfaces from snowy bombardments, and it will also make snow and ice easier to brush off. Test the battery and electrical systems in your car The next thing you’ll want to do is test the battery and electrical systems in your car to make sure everything is in tip top shape prior to entering the winter season. Cold weather is the enemy of your car’s electrical system and can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s electrical components if they are not in top condition. This is where having a professional mobile mechanic in Ottawa come take a look at your vehicle prior to the dreaded first snowfall hits can be very beneficial to ensuring you go through winter without any problems. Don’t forget to check your heating system! Another item that many people don’t check until they actually need it is the heating system. It is important to check to make sure the heating in your car is functioning properly so that you can stay warm on those long cold drives. This systems check will include the window defroster system to make sure you will always have good visibility. After checking your heating systems, you’re going to want to check all of your fluids and also make sure that they are all topped up so that they are ready for your winter driving and you won’t have to fill them up in the cold winter days. Equally important is to ensure that your car is well-equipped for winter with a portable shovel, blanked, snow brush, and plastic ice scraper. Where should I go for help winterizing my car in Ottawa? You can do many things on your own although the best and easiest thing to do is to give us a call at 613-854-4154 and one of our professional mobile mechanics in Ottawa will come to your location and take care of everything for you. With our mobile vehicle winterizing services in Ottawa it is affordable, fast, and convenient to winterize your car before the winter season arrives. We look forward to serving you – just give us a call.