You May Be Prematurely Aging Your Car. Winter is brutal on cars and you may think you don’t like the freezing wind on your face and the frigid air that finds its way in your bones but your car doesn’t like it just as much as all of us. Plus your bad habits are likely making it worse for your vehicle and prematurely aging your car. You want your car to last, don’t you? For most of us our cars are the second most expensive item that we purchase and we use it everyday in most cases to cart around our families, groceries, friends and also to get to and from work. Even though this wonderful piece of machinery and technology is so important to our daily lives we tend to treat our vehicles pretty poorly and without proper maintenance and good car ownership habits your vehicle will not last as long as you are hoping. We want your car to last, in fact we want your car to run in tip top condition all year long, through all seasons. This is why we work relentlessly for our clients in all weather conditions by providing exceptional mobile vehicle services in Ottawa and car repairs and maintenance at your location. We care about your car soo much that we have outlined 5 ways that your vehicle may be experiencing some extra wear and tear from your habits: 1) Warming car up or otherwise leaving it idling – Modern engines aren’t designed to sit idling for long periods of time so keep the idling to a minimum. 2) Practicing poor tire maintenance – Improperly inflated tires wastes your fuel and wears down your tread on your tires very fast. 3) Driving too fast – Slow down to preserve your brakes and your tires. 4) Riding the brake or clutch – Rest your foot on the “dead pedal” next to the left brake or clutch to avoid wearing your brakes down for no good reason by resting your foot on the brake. 5) Don’t bake your dashboard – Keep your dashboard from blistering, cracking, fading or getting otherwise damaged by the harsh rays of the sun with a cardboard sunshade (they are usually on $20 or less). If you aren’t already, start practicing some better habits for your car based on these tips and your vehicle will last a lot longer and preserve your resale value as much as possible. Couple this with scheduled maintenance by our mobile automotive repair and service team and you’re covered!