Your car will thank you for regular vehicle maintenance. Maintenance is perhaps one of the least enjoyable things about owning a vehicle. Getting your car serviced costs money and takes time out of your schedule, but doing so regularly ensures your vehicle will continue to run efficiently and helps to prevent problems down the road. Should you stick with your dealer for car maintenance and repairs, or use a private mechanic? Dealers are usually more expensive than outside auto service shops so keep this in mind and also an MVS Ottawa Mobile Mechanic can save you the time that you lose from going into the dealer. It’s much better to hire a mobile vehicle mechanic for regular maintenance so you can save time and money. Where you service your car is your choice! First off, if you’re purchasing a new car or truck, it’s not mandatory to have the vehicle serviced at the dealer to keep your warranties in effect and a certified mobile mechanic will know your vehicle inside and out just like they do at the dealership. You can get your vehicle maintained at any qualified auto mechanic such as ours, and you should keep a track of all services done by us in order to maintain your warranty and preserve resale value of your car. Stay on schedule with regular car maintenance! Keep track of the paperwork and when next you’ll need to service the vehicle. The owner’s manual generally includes a schedule with recommendations on when to get the oil changed, tires rotated etc. Maintaining a relationship with your MVS Ottawa Mobile Mechanic can really help in this case because we will keep all of this information on file and contact you ahead of time to make an appointment for each service. Our mobile mechanics are well trained with a strong understanding of the sophistication and complexity of today’s vehicles. If you’re a regular customer of ours, eventually our team of car repair professionals will become increasingly familiar with you and your vehicle, which means you get more consistent and reliable service. This can actually benefit you in the long run because we will be able to provide you with the best resale or trade-in value, based on the ongoing care of your vehicle and in-depth knowledge of its history. Are you due for an oil change? Your oil is the blood of your car and it needs to be maintained frequently to preserve the life of your car. Give us a call today as we likely have a special running so you can save some money too!